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There is no prescribed belief system for devotees of the Movement. Amma does not want anyone to give up their current belief system if it satisfies their needs. However, if someone is looking for help in their spiritual journey they can try and find something here to help them.

Because the movement has originated in Southern India, most devotees are Hindu and they retain most of these beliefs. However, unlike Hinduism there are no rules which dictate who can do what. For example, anyone of any caste or religion may enter the Sanctum Santorum of the temple to worship. All people are equally deserving of Goddess Adhiparasakthi's blessings.

Since individuals should find their own way to God, there are no priests or laws which dictate how one must live. If one lives as they should they will come closer to God. If one doesn't, they will drift farther and farther away. We know enough to make our own decisions and accept their consequences. To help us Goddess Adhiparasakthi gives personal oracles through Adigalar.

Oracles, Arulvakku

Oracles mean, "Divine Sayings of the Almighty." The oracles from Amma enable devotees to overcome their problems and to progress on the path of spirituality. Devotees receive the oracles personally from Annai, or Goddess Adhiparasakthi. They are not commandments but suggestions and information to help devotees find their way. Some of Amma's oracles have been translated into English and are grouped below into several categories. We will try to add more every month.

Oracle CategoryEntries
Yourself 28
Yourself &Others 12
Goddess Adhiparasakthi 20
About Adigalar 6
The Movement 11
Spirituality 34
Worship 14
General Sayings 28

Small Books

Several small books have been written about Adhiparasakthi and Adigalar over the years. Ones that are out of print will be reproduced here so that people who can not get the print versions can read them.

Adhiparasakthi in the Form of Adigalar "Adhiparasakthi in the form of Adigalar"
by a Devotee of Amma

Discusses Dharma, Bakthi, Adhiparasakthi and Melmaruvathur. Talks about Siddhas and tells us who Adigalar is and what Goddess Adhiparasakthi has said about Him.

The Avatar Par Excellence

An article has been written about Amma, Avatars and Spirituality. It is divided into several chapters below.

Invocation and Preface
Need for Scriptures and Adepts
Meaning of Avatar or Incarnation
Adigalar as Avatar
Philosophy of the Om Sakthi Movement
Hinduism and the Om Sakthi Movement
The Modern Om Sakthi Movement