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World Religions

  • Academic Info: Religion - An annotated directory of internet resources for the academic study of religion.
  • Interfaith Calendar - Calendar of important days in the world's major religions.
  • MetaReligion - Many topics about religion, cults, gnosticism, theosopy, occultism and sacred texts.
  • The Religious Movements Homepage - Excellent site with information on religious movements compiled by a University of Virginia Professor and his students.

Religious Tolerance &Interfaith

  • Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance - Excellent resource on all the world's major religions with original treatices on many 'hot topics' in religion.
  • Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace - Non-profit organization founded after the 9.11 tragedy to focus the work of a growing number of Faith leaders from Buddhist, Christian, Hindi, Islamic, Jewish, Unitarian faiths and other spiritual traditions who say "Religious Communities Must Stop Blessing War..."
  • United Communities of Spirit - Global interfaith network linking people of diverse faiths and beliefs who want to work with others to build a better world.
  • CESNUR-Center for Studies on New Religions - Network of scholars organized to promote scholarly research in the field of new religious consciousness, to spread reliable and responsible information, and to expose the very real problems associated with some movements, while defending everywhere the principles of religious liberty.

Religious Freedom



  • Global PeaceWorks - Creating peace among religions through international, interfaith volunteer service projects.
  • The Nonviolence Web - A guide to the contemporary peace movement and homw to many of the US's most dynamic peace groups.
  • WorldPeace Peace Page - Home page of John Worldpeace who highlights the teachings of peace in the scriptures of the major religions.

The links above are provided as a service to visitors because they contain information many people may find interesting or helpful. This is not meant as an endorsement of these sites or their contents by the Om Sakthi Movement.