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Home : Teachings & Beliefs : Adhiparasakthi in the Form of Adigalar

Adhiparasakthi in the Form of Adigalar

By a Devotee of Amma


This book has been written as ordained by Adhiparasakthi during an Oracle (Arulvakku). It is written in English since there is already a book on the same subject in Tamil. After completion of the typing, the typed matter was submitted during another Oracle and Adhiparasakthi declared that she has accepted the same.

Again on the day when the matter was arranged to be sent for printing, during Pooja, in the Pooja Room, it was prayed that if the margosa leaves adorning the picture of Adhiparasakfhi on the left shook, it would mean that she considers the book to be acceptable. Exactly the leaves on the left side shook.

Mr. A.K. Venkatasamy Trustee Treasurer, Adhiparasakthi Charitable, Medical, Educational and Cultural Trust. Dr. Subramaniam, the Deputy Director of Collegiate Education, Dr. Kamaeshwarananda, Professor of Economics, Presidency College, and Thiru C. Ramaswami, Editor, Sakthi Oli, gladly offered valuable suggestions and also contributed very useful ideas in completing the book. Each one of them deserves profuse thanks.

It is considered that this book on Arulthiru Adigalar is only a beginning. Many will follow on the subject.


Everything in nature conducts itself subject to the Law of Dharma as ordained by Adhiparasakthi. Having been created by Her, the whole universe belongs to the Goddess, and everybody should conduct himself/herself as accepting such a truth. This is the basic concept of all religions though the name of the God or the creator may be different. All the religions teach the same principle. But to teach such truth the saints of different religions have adopted and preached different ways that may differ only in detail, all of them having the same goal. For instance, all the religions without exception teach "Be kind and merciful, serve others."

In a way, even nature teaches the principle of Dharma. For instance, the trees shed their leaves at a time when shade is not needed and the leaves spurt at the time (summer) when their shade is required. At the time of Sri Rama's departure to the forest, His mother Kousalya blessed Him by saying that Dharma alone that is adored by Sri Rama -- will protect Him. Needless to say that this is an altruistic statement. It is Dharma which brought victory to Sri Rama. The Ramayana further establishes that even animals will come to the rescue of a person who follows Dharma and even one's own kith and kin will become his enemies if he deviates from the path of Dharma. Sri Rama was supported by monkeys, birds and even by a small squirrel.


Of all the species created by God, Mankind alone has been endowed with the unique capacity to attain Gnana. All the religions accept that by totally surrendering before the Creator, one can get Gnana. Needless to say that Bakthi is a common feature of all religions. Even Buddhists pray to Buddha, considering Him a God. It is true that some Gnanis have stressed the pure Athma Vichara. But even in their cases it can be seen that their disciples pray to them, treating them as God. To have Bakthi itself is a Gift of Goddess. It is true that just as the mother knows what food is to be fed and what is not to be fed to her child in the interest of the child, it is the Goddess who knows what should be given to a person and what ought not to be given. But in practice everyone cannot have such knowledge. For instance, even Sri Krishna has said that there are several types of devotees: those who pray for getting relief from pain and suffering and those who pray for material wealth. It can be seen that even those who pray for such things do so with the utmost faith in their personal God only with the hope that God will provide them with what all they want thereby showing that by themselves they cannot do anything and by praying to God they can get everything. It can be seen that this acceptance of God and the fact that praying to Him one can get everything will ultimately leave one to totally surrender before God.

The next step in the path of Bakthi is that Bakthi should be continued while performing one's own duties (Karma), that is by surrendering all the duties to God. In course of time one will reach a stage wherein proper performance of the duties itself becomes a source of Bakthi.

In Short, praying to God with a deep love and affection is Bakthi. Psychologists say that if a person deeply and constantly thinks of something, the mind becomes immersed in it. If a person constantly prays to God with deep love and affection and also meditates on God, the mind becomes purified and nothing but Supreme love remains therein.


Thaithreya Upanishad considers Mother and Father as Gods. Avvai also has declared that Mother and Father are Gods. Needless to say that the Goddess who has created the whole Universe and is the embodiment of mercy and kindness should be prayed to in that form. The first and foremost thing that we can get by praying to Goddess is that one will imbibe kindness. When you pray to Goddess we first think of ourselves as her children (it is so in reality). We are in for getting the qualities of a child.

Vidya means Gnana. Ambal is Sri Vidya. Sama upanishad says that the Goddess taught Gnana to Devas.

There are several places where Rishis and Siddhas have worshipped the Goddess Adhiparasakthi. By praying to the Goddess and meditating in such Kshetras we can get the benediction of Adhiparasakthi. Melmaruvathur is one such sacred place.


Goddess Adhiparasakthi presides at Melmaruvathur bestowing mercy to all. This is the place where several Siddhas stay invisibly, and the head of such Siddhas is a lady Siddha, Adhiparasakthi, who grants the power of Siddhi to such Siddha in the form of a snake there. This is a unique feature of the Temple, adding to the sacredness. But ordinary people cannot understand the ways of Siddhas. For Siddhas, there is no particular religion. As ordained by Goddess Adhiparasakthi, no particular religious rite is conducted in the Temple. It is unique in this respect. Everybody can reach the Sanctum Sanctorum and perform Abhishekam and Pooja, no doubt in a disciplined way. There are devotees from all religions belonging to different places who perform such pooja.

Siddhas follow the path of universal brotherhood. Every pooja and Yagna that are performed in the Temple are for the good of the world. The performance of the Yagna in a very large scale in the sands of Marina in the year 1986 was dedicated to the cause of World Peace.


The head of Siddhas (mystics) at Melmaruvathur has chosen a way, entirely different from other Siddhas who stay at the temples like Palani, Madurai and Tirupathi and other sacred places. When we seek to find out how Adhiparasakthi blesses the devotees, there comes Bangaru Adigalar. Bangaru Adigalar is the first Son of Thiru Gopal Naicker a leading landlord of the area. He is a married man with children. He has served as an Elementary School Teacher. While Adigalar was a boy snakes passed over his body on several occasions.

The primordial energy, that is, 'Ambal' is said to be situated in the Mooladhara in all beings in a coiled form and is generally referred to as the Serpent Power or Kundalini. For Jeevan Mukthas and Siddhas, she used to give darshan and assistance in the form of a snake.

In the case of our beloved and revered Adigalar, she has been there with him from his childhood days. It is a very rare phenomena and only in the case of realised souls and Avatarapurushas is this possible. Hence, it need not be gainsaid about the greatness of our Adigalar. He is a true Yogi, a Jeevan Muktha, a Siddha, nay the very embodiment of Adhiparasakthi.

Actually, the serpent power has been analysed even by Western authors like Arthur Avalon, not to speak of innumerable literature in our Motherland, particularly the south. Swami Arunagirinathar has said "Adisayam Anegam Uttra Palani" meaning the wonders performed by the Siddhas. No wonder therefore that Adigalar, who is the embodiment of Adhiparasakthi, who, in turn is head of all Siddhas, performs all these Siddhis (miraculous feats). As a matter of fact, what is personified by the snakes moving over the body of Adigalar when he was a child is only an indication that he had awakened the Kundalini from his chiidhood which is the greatest achievement ever, by a Siddha. He is a born Siddha, perhaps he had reached the stage of perfection even in hs previous birth and it is only for the benefit of Mankind that he has taken this present Avatara.

Previously the temple was not in the present place. It was situated just opposite to the house of Thiru Gopal Naicker. Only during Festival days would Goddess Adhiparasakthi speak through Adigalar and give out benediction through him. At that time, Thiru Gopal Naicker prayed to Adhiparasakthi that it would be convenient if She would come and stay in the present place which belonged to him and which was a portion of his agricultural land. Goddess Adhiparasakthi said through Adigalar that she would do so. At that time, in the place where the present Temple has come into being there was a Margosa Tree whih was profusely shedding a white liquid, but to the surprise of all it was very sweet. Hundreds of devotees have tasted this white liquid. Sometime after the Festival and the consent of Adhiparasakthi to come and stay in the present Kshetra, the Margosa Tree was uprooted by a storm. It was then discovered that Goddess Adhiparasakthi was there in the form of Swayambu. Only then it came to light that it was because of the presence of Goddess Adhiparasakthi in the form of Swayambu that the Margosa Tree which had its root near Her base was shedding the sweet liquid by Her Grace.

Who is Adigalar?

As already declared by Adhiparasakthi during the Festival, Adhiparasakthi has come in the form of Adigalar. Just as Parvathi gave milk to Gnanasambandar, Shiva gave water to Adigalar when he was thirsty. While he was young he used to visit the burial ground where his elder sister lies buried. During one such visit he was thirsty after taking ground nuts. At that time Lord Shiva appeared in the form of a Jothi before him and look the Ganges water from His Crown Head and gave it to Adigalar and disappeared.

When Adhiparasakthi wants to manifest Herself through Adigalar he will get some sensation and he will get the urge to go to the Temple. Immediately he will go and take a bath and enter the Sanctum Sanctorum, after coming around the Temple. After performing the Aradhana there, he will go and perform pooja at Putru Mandapam and also perform Aradhana there. At that time one can perceive the body of Adigalar beginning to shake slightly and his heels slightly rising from the ground. Such a phenomenon signifies that Adhiparasakthi has come into the body of Adigalar. In course of time even when he is away from the Temple, Adhiparasakthi possesses his body. Devotees have perceived the same phenomena even when he visits the Mandrams and houses of devotees.

During such times of Paragaya Pravesam, that is, after getting the spirit of Goddess Adhiparasakthi into his being, Adigalar gives out Oracle (Arul Vakku). This is different from soothsaying or prediction about the future. Adhiparasakthi, through Adigalar, promotes education to children, sanctions promotion, offers wealth, cures diseases, saves many from danger and accidents, of course as ordained by Her. Abhiramabuttar has declared that Goddess Abirami (Adhiparasakthi) will give all that is good. Yes, Adhiparasakthi gives us all that is good -- no doubt depending on what one should get or should not get according to Dharma, and one's own attainments in devotion. What is stated during Arulvakku through Adigalar is not what is predicted as what is going to happen to the individual but it is what Adhiparasakthi would be giving him. The only difficulty is in the proper understanding of Arulvakku. Even when Adhiparasakthi wants to say something about Adigalar himself it will be declared through him only in oracle (Arul vakku). Arulvakku is a wonderful divine experience. We feel the presence of Adhiparasakthi in Adigalar and we communicate with Her through Adigalar. Kanchi Paramacharya has stated that Bakthi (Devotion) itself is Mahalakshmi. Similarly, getting Arulvakku itself is a divine experience apart from the material benefit that we derive therefrom. We get the teachings of Vedas, Bible, Quran, Karma-yoga and so on in simple language. No doubt miracles are also performed at times during Arulvakku. Ordinary men cannot understand and appreciate the significance of such actions of Adhiparasakthi. No one can understand and explain how such miracles are performed at times, but all such miracles are performed through Adigalar.

Adhiparasakthi has been bringing up Adigalar to the forefront step by step. Originally, Arulvakku used to last for just an hour or two but it was gradually extended and at times the Arulvakku continues for a day at a stretch. As a matter of fact, once a Physician who was present in the Temple made a request to Adhiparasakthi during Arulvakku to give Adigalar some grace time since he had been giving the Arulvakku at a stretch without taking even a cup of water. At that time Adhiparasakthi, no doubt through Adigalar, said that there are 1,000 Saints in the Himalayas at O°C performing penance without food, to reach Her feet.

As ordained by Adhiparasakthi, Acharya Peeda Abishekam was performed to Adigalar. Adigalar has all the qualities of a great Siddhar (Mystic). During his visit to Topslip in the Anamalais in the winter season three devotees who accompanied him suffered a lot because of the chillness. At that time, Adigalar opened the windows of the room where he was staying, took off his shirt and sat in meditation for about 15 to 20 minutes. Soon after, the temperature became warm and comfortable.

During his visit to Erode, Adigalar put out an empty hand into the hands of a Police Officer who was nearby and asked him to open his palm. To the surprise of the Officer a bee flew away from his hand, but a worm was observed creeping on his palm. The surprised Officer asked Adigalar the meaning of the strange happening and its purpose. Adigalar said that the Bee represented a wealthy or powerful person escaping the clutches of the Law and the worm represented the poor and the down-trodden who are unable to resist even illegal actions against themselves. When the officer said that he has never made any such discrimination, Adigalar consoled him by saying that he did not mean anything personally against the Officer and that he only pointed out what was generally happening around the world. From this incident it can be seen that Adigalar is capable of creating even living beings.

During his visit to Maruthamalai near Coimbatore when he had climbed just about 10 steps on the hillock, Adigalar told the persons who accompanied him that there may not be much income for the Temple even to meet the payment of salary to the Archakas and others working in the Devasthanam. Maruthamalai is not only an abode of Lord Muruga but also that of Pambatti Siddhar. Needless to say that such Abodes of Siddhars are full of powers and or centers of attraction for devotees. Hence naturally there should have been good income for the Temple. After reaching the place where the statue of Pambatti Siddhar was placed, Adigalar asked the Deputy Commissioner of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments, who was present, as to whether in the course of 2 years the Vigneswara Temples around the hillock were getting a good income. The Deputy Commissioner, who was struck with awe at this question by Adigalar, who had not visited that area till then, answered in the affirmative. Adigalar pointed out that this happened because the Statue of Pambatti Siddhar was placed below that of Vigneswara. He then suggested that the statue be removed and placed at the feet of the presiding deity, Lord Muruga. The suggestion was carried out and a change has come about as ordained by Adhiparasakthi through Adigalar.

The answer to the question "Who is Adigalar" has been furnished in detail by Adhiparasakthi Herself authoritatively on several occasions.

During Arulvakku, Adigalar has explained minute medical theories to Physicians and Surgeons and explained the intricate questions of law to lawyers. Similarly he has also solved some complicated Engineering problems. Needless to say, explanations on Mysticism have also been given immediately after Adigalar goes through Paragaya Pravesama. Adigalar will stand in the hall in front of "Putru Mandapam" with a bunch of Margosa leaves in his left hand and touch the faces of the devotees with the same. This process is known as "Mandiruppu". This has cured many an illness of the devotees. The Temple has attracted Muslims and Christians alike. In short, people belonging to all the Religions throng the Temple without any distinction whatever. At times, during "Mandiruppu," when a Christian devotee turns up, Adigalar will make the sign of the cross with his right hand. Similarly, when a Muslim passes by, the sign of Namas will be shown by Adigalar with his right hand. Several atheists have already changed their path and have become great devotees of Adhiparasakthi in the form of Adigalar.

One day among the row of ladies coming up for "Mandiruppu" there was a lady by the name Sakthi. Her head was shaking due to some nervous disease but the moment Adigalar touched her face with the Margosa leaves the shaking of the head stopped.

During one such day another miracle happened. A middle aged man was brought to the Temple being bodily lifted by 2 others. He was unable to walk or even stand up and was just placed at the feet of Adigalar. Adigalar touched his hands with his feet and brushed him with the bunch of Margosa leaves and asked him to get up and walk. The man simply stood up and walked like a normal person.

One gentleman who was a graduate and an officer was also a pious man. He was also trained in the art of thought reading and he had also undergone training in Yoga. When he came to know of the performance of such wonders by Adigalar he severely criticised him (Adigalar) and actually one day reached Melmaruvathur for Arulvakku, solely with a view to test the genuineness of such deeds. When he went and sat in front of Adigalar, Adigalar plucked one Margosa leaf from the bunch of Margosa leaves that was near and placed the same in the palm of that officer. He asked him to close the palm and then open it. At that time the officer thought that the only possibility was that inanimate objects could be summoned or even that existing inanimate objects could be changed and that the real thing wouldl lie in summoning a living being. To his awe the next moment he found a bee creeping on his palm. To add to his awe Adigalar said that the bee will obey his mental commands. Accordingly, the officer mentally commanded the bee to move from one direction to another and the bee acted strictly as per the command. Ultimately, he wished that the bee should fly away and the bee did fly away. Needless to say that he totally surrendered to Adigalar, who was seated in front of him, the incarnation of Adhiparasakthi. Adigalar also inquired about the picture of Prathyangara Devi, that the Officer had in his pooja room and instructed him that he should take steps to install the statue of Prathyangara Devi in a place opposite to the Temple, soon after it was so installed, as ordained by Adigalar.

The Principal of the Women's College at Kancheepuram is a Muslim. She was suffering from arthritis and consulted many physicians about it. There was no response to any treatment and the doctors said that a complete cure was impossible except to give relief as and when she got acute pain. She came to Melmaruvathur and prayed to Adhiparasakthi and also sought Arulvakku in which she was asked to take some simple medicines, like those prescribed in native medical treatment. She took such medicines with deep devotion and was completely cured. Since then she has become a great devotee of Adhiparasakthi.

Adhiparasakthi had appeared in the house of a student who was about to sit for his M.A. Examination when he was totally confused about how to take the examination.

On one of his birthdays Adigalar was performing Deepa Aradhana to the Swayambu Adhiparasakthi. When he came around the Swayambu, rose flowers were showered on him from empty space above without any prior arrangement or having been kept above for the purpose. Similarly, during the Navarathiri celebrations in 1983 when Adigalar came around the Swayambu, Kum-Kum fell On Adigalar's body.

On February 18, 1982 Adigalar paid a visit to Chunampet Mandram. On the way to the Mandram, Adigalar paid a visit to Muthalamman Temple and those who accompanied him also followed him. It was late in the evening and there being no electric lights, there was complete darkness inside the Temple. At that time, around the Vigraham of Muthalamman, a ray of light appeared and another ray of light emanated from the Vigraham. All those who were present became spellbound with awe and admiration. All these happened by the mystic power and grace of Adigalar.

In the Temple, only the Swayambu existed originally. Later on, the Vigraham was installed and Samprokshanam was performed. But before the installation of the Vigraham those who wanted to have the picture of Adhiparasakthi in their pooja room requested what they should do. Adhiparasakthi suggested the picture of Swayambu with Adigalar being seated in front of Swayambu. Accordingly such a picture was taken and the devotees of Adhiparasakthi prayed to Her in front of such a picture. Later on, the Vigraham of Adhiparasakthi was installed.

In the Temple, 'Adi Pooram', 'Chitra Pournami', 'Thai Poosam' and 'Navarathri' are very important functions. On 8-9-1980, the day prior to 'Adi Pooram', there was torrential rain while Arulvakku was going on. One of the devotees prayed to Adhiparasakthi and said that there was a huge gathering in and around the temple and there was a huge downpour outside. If there were a failure of electricity, the devotees would be put to great inconvenience, as then the generator could not be operated. Adhiparasakthi, through Adigalar, said that she would stop the rain within 15 minutes and the next day the sun's rays will brighten the pragarams. Accordingly, the downpour stopped and the next day brought bright sun. Stopping the rain or controlling nature is a common thing for Siddhars. They are one with nature so they can control natural phenomena very easily and in the case of our Adigalar, he was in a position to stop the rain to allow the function to go on smoothly. There are many instances of Siddhars stopping the rain and other similar feats in the whole history of Siddhars. There is an instance of the Mother of Pondicherry stopping the rain to allow the function to go on without any interruption. In our days, we see our Adigalar performing such difficult tasks with so much ease. She further declared that the arrangements that have been made in the Temple will not be disturbed and will accommodate all those who would like to visit the Temple next day. Hence, there was no rain within a radius of 3 kms. from the Temple so that those who were outside the Temple would be able to reach the Temple and those who had already assembled could conveniently stay on. All these things happened because of the miraculous power of Adigalar.

During his visit to Coimbatore, Adigalar visited the house of a devotee. Adigalar took a lime fruit and squeezed the same. All the drops of juice that fell down came out in the form of flame and not liquid.

Adigalar paid a visit to Kudavasal and went to a temple there. In that Temple the Vigraham of Ambal was kept in a box. On a particular day the devotees would perform pooja and then open the Temple. However, since the Temple had become dilapidated, the box was removed and kept in another place. Subsequently, the Temple was renovated, and after renovation when they wanted to bring back the box to the Temple it could not be moved at all. It was at that stage that the devotee who renovated the Temple came to Melmaruvalhur and sought Arulvakku in which he was told that when Adigalar pays a visit to the Temple he would do the needful. During his visit to Kudavasal the Goddess Adhiparasakthi appeared there in the form of Adigalar and asked one of the devotees to take bath and after breaking pumpkin, remove the box. Adigalar declared that the box could be removed. Then it was removed effortlessly. Removing the very heavy box effortlessly is called "Lagima Siddhi" and this is one of the 8 powers in the form of 8 Devis who will be serving Adhiparasakthi. In our case, they serve our beloved annd Revered Adigalar. It is the bounden duty of the powers "Animadhi Siddhi" and "Vasinyadhi Devadhas" to be at the beck and call of Goddess Adhiparasakthi. Adigalar, being the embodiment of Adhiparasakhi, is always accompanied by them and they serve him at his behest.

One of the devotees of Adhipaiasakthi was flying to Delhi. At that time he was reading the book containing the songs in praise of Adhiparasakthi. A Gentleman from Bombay, who was seated next to him (who was a Jain), asked him what the book was about and the devotee explained to him that it was about Adhiparasakhi and also told him about the Temple and Arulvakku. The Gentleman told him that his wife was suffering from cancer of the uterus and that it has been decided to perform surgery and asked whether anything could be done in Adhiparasakthi Temple. Accepting the suggestion of the devotee, both of them came to the Temple on 1-2-1981, which was a Friday, and sought Arulvakku in which he was asked to bring his wife and told that surgery would not be needed and that Adhiparasakthi would cure her, though gradually. He was doubtful as to whether a cure was possible in the face of medically established fact that it was cancer. When he sought Arulvakku for the second time with his wife, in spite of the lingering doubt, Adhiparasakthi said that his wife would be able to perform household duties as soon as they reach Bombay and will not be simply bed-ridden. Thereafter, he became hopeful only after these two things actually happened. Not only these two incidents happened but to their pleasant surprise, when tests were performed thereafter, it was discovered that there was no sign of cancer at all.

On several occasions in Arulvakku, Adhiparasakthi has repeatedly spoken about and declared that Adiqalar is none but Her son. She repeatedly spoke about the greatness of Adigalar. Thirumoolar has said that the Teacher (Guru) himself is Sivam.

"I am not possessing the physical body. Athma and Brahma are also residing within if." Great Gnanies are those who realise the presence of Brahma in the body itself. But whether it is discovered or not, the Brahma itself resides. One day Adigalar was sleeping in his room. During his sleep the Athma came out of the body. The body came around the Temple and stood near the Sanctum Sanctorum which was locked. As soon as the spiritual body of Adigalar reached the place, the doors were unlocked and automatically opened and pieces of camphor appeared in the hands of Adigalar. After performing Aradhana, the body returned and reached the physical body of Adigalar.

One day when a devotee was in deep meditation, Adhiparasaklhi appeared and said that she is manifesfing herself to devotees in the form of Adigalar.

What Has Mother Said About Adigalar?

Mother has spoken about the greatness of Adigalar during Arulvakku on several occasions. It is true that Arulvakku is physically given out by Adigalar as has been discussed already. Except for the physical frame of Adigalar, everything within him is Mother Herself and not Adigalar and what is spoken by the physical body of Adigalar is spoken only by Mother Herself. Mother has said that there are some people who just want Her benediction but do not respect Adigalar. They want the contents but not the container. They are not aware of the fact that it is only through the medium of Adigalar that they can get Her benediction. "The true nature of Adigalar will be known in course of time" and "He knows the inner meaning of Chakras" are a few instances of Arulvakku lines of Amma about Adigalar.

There are several types of mystics and one can attain spiritual powers in several ways. There are the paths of Bakthi, Gnana and Yoga. Several such mystics are known to our great country. There are ways to reach the exalted state by constant practice of any one of those ways. At the same time, it is also known that without any such practice in this life, just at one stroke some have turned mystics, even while young, middle aged or at the advanced age. Saint Gnanasambandar is one such. Very recently we came to know that two musical prodigies were born. They are Baby Gayathri who started playing the Veena as an accomplished Veena player just when she was 7 years old. Ravi Kiran was just 2 1/2 years when he was able to distinguish all the Ragas in our great Carnatic music. Pattinathar and Bathrakirayar became Saints overnight. The only explanation given by a common man is that it is all the result of their respective positions in their previous births. Whatever the explanation, the fact remains that such incidents have been several. Adigalar is the monument of one such wonder. Even now he looks like an ordinary person.

A mystic can be discerned and understood only by another mystic. It is impossible for ordinary people to distinguish a mystic and understand him. We all should be happy to live in the lifetime of the Paramachariyar of Kanchi. He himself has said that Adigalar is the incarnation of Ambal, Adhiparasakthi. As seen already, even though physically the benedictions are given out by Adigaiar, they are those of Adhiparasakthi Herself. It has been declared by Adhiparasakthi, "Adigalar is an incarnation of Sakthi in Kaliyuga. Only for some years people will be able to move with him. In the same way as it is difficult to reach the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Temple, a time will come when it will not be possible to approach and move with Adigalar."

Pandavas considered Krishna as Lord but Duriyodhana and his followers considered him only an ordinary man. Those who considered Krishna as Lord ultimately became famous and those who simply considered him a human being ultimately fell. Similarly, those who consider and adore Adigalar as God will be benefitted and those who consider him as an ordinary human being will also reap the consequences as Duriyodhana.

During the Adipooram Festival in 1983 a miracle took place in the Temple. It was ordained by Adhiparasakthi that Adigalar should initiate that day's program at 4:30 A.M. Adigalar, who was resting in the room in the Temple, got up sufficiently in advance and was reciting the 108 Mantras. At that time, a devotee went then to remind Adigalar about the program. He had also brought a cup of coffee to be given to Adigalar. Adigalar came out of his room, took the coffee and went away. The devotee saw Adigalar going around the Temple with wet clothes, perform Aradhana in the Sanctum Sanctorum and also initiate the program. He was also garlanded by a devotee. Almost at the same time Adigalar called the devotee from his room and gave him some instructions regarding the work connected with the program. Only then a doubt arose in the mind of the devotee as to how it would be possible for Adigalar to be there when he had just seen Adigalar with wet clothes going around the Temple and performing Aradhana in the Temple. To add to his surprise, Adigalar stated, "I have taken coffee, I am going to brush my leeth and take bath." A little later, Adigalar who was for a while in meditation, took a bath and came around the Temple as usual and when he reached the Sanctum Sanctorum he got Arul Nilai and in that stage Adhiparasakthi, through Adigalar, stated that Adigalar, who spoke to the devotee, was none other than Herself. In one of the Arulvakkus Adhiparasakthi declared that, "Please don't think that Adigalar just possesses some powers only. Why? I am Adigalar. Adigalar is none other than myself. Adigalar is a Siddha. I am a Siddha. He is myself and himself am I."

Yes. Adigalar is Adhiparasakthi Herself

Adigalar singlehandedly has brought about a unique social reform. He has created a casteless society in which there is no difference of even religion. Among the devotees, there are Christians, Muslims and Orthodox Hindus, the elite of the society, the intelligentsia, leading doctors, lawyers, professors, industrialists and the unlearned masses. They move on equal terms, respecting each other and addressing one another as Sakthi. Every devotee knows the 108 and 1008 mantras and as taught by Adhiparasakthi through Adigalar, several of them are much advanced in meditation.

There are thousands of Adhiparasakthi Mandrams spread throughout the length and breadth of our country in general and Tamil Nadu in particular. They serve not only as places of worship but also as centers of social service, even cremating the dead bodies of those who died having nobody to do their obsequies. The Velvi (Yagna) for World Peace conducted at Marina Beach is unprecedented in the history of the whole World.

The contribution of Adigalar in the field of social service and education is also magnificent. Tens of thousands of poor are fed during festival days. Adhiparasakthi Charitable, Medical, Educational and Cultural Trust headed by Adigalar is running high schools, a polytechnic and engineering college and a hospital, besides instituting scholarships in several educational institutions throughout the State. It is a pleasant and surprising sight to see students of the institutions run by the Trust thronging the Temple and offering Common Prayers. As a matter of fact, parents compete with one another to get admission into these institutions for their children, solely for such discipline. In addition, there is a proposal to start a Nurses Training Institute, a Medical College and an Agricultural College with about 1000 acres of agricultural land attached to it for practical and research purposes. For this, Jagad Guru of Kanchi has munificently donated 100 acres of agricultural land. Such a munificent action of the Sri Madam not only establishes the contribution of the Madam to all causes that are good and noble, but also recognises the purity and efficiency of the administration headed by Adigalar.