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Home : Gallery : USA 2000 : Wedding by Amma

Wedding by Amma - 9/4/00

In 1993, Dr. Thiyagarajan's daughter Sakthi Manimekalai had gone to India to meet Amma for the fisrt time and seek Amma's blessing for graduate studies. In her first Arulvakku with Annai, the very first thing Goddess Adhiparasakthi told her was that "Wherever in the world your wedding takes place I will be there and I will make it happen". In 1994 when Sakthi Manimekalai again meet with Amma, Amma told her to continue to focus on her studies and leave the wedding to Amma. Amma said to say "Whoever Amma says, that is the person for me" whenever anyone asked about wedding and Amma would guide her to the right person for her. In 1996 when Sakthi Daniel asked Dr. and Mrs. Thiyagarajan for Mani's hand in marriage they said they would have to ask Amma. So during August 1996 the family went to India and Amma asked them to stay at the temple for one month. Amma met the family many times during this month, especially Sakthi Daniel. Amma said to Dr. &Mrs. Thiyagarajan that Daniel is a good person and the right person for Manimekalai. Amma then told Sakthis Manimekalai and Daniel, who's highest hope had been to get Amma's blessings for them to get married, that S/He would personally perform their wedding ceremony! Amma said S/He would perform the wedding when S/He came to the US. Amma said S/He wanted the wedding in the States because S/He wanted all the Sakthis here to be able to come to a wedding performed by Amma.

During the spring of 2000, when Amma's trip was in the planning stages, we called Amma and asked if this trip is when Amma wanted to perform the wedding. Amma said yes and that S/he would set the date for the wedding. A few weeks later we found out that the wedding would be on September 4th. It was not until late in July that we found out that September 4th is Amma and Thirumanthi Amma's wedding! Also, in India, wedding anniversary's such as 5th, 10th, etc. are not celebrated with big functions like here. The one Anniversary that is a grand celebration is the anniversary after one turns 60. This wedding Anniversary is called "Mani Vhizha" (pronounced Ma-nee vill-la) and is celebrated from the 60th birthday through out the year to the next birthday with grand celebrations on the actual wedding anniversary day. Since this March 3rd Amma turned 60, this year is Amma and Thirumathi Amma's Mani Vhizha year! At the time that Amma gave us the Sept. 4, 2000 for wedding we had no idea of all these wonderful blessings on that day. We can never thank Amma and Thirumathi Amma enough for sharing such an incredible day with us. It is a hallmark of the love and affection that Amma and Thirumathi Amma generously shower on all of us that they would come to the US and share their day with all of us.

Amma never gives speeches in public but we were blessed with a very nice speech by Amma's wife. You can listen to a RealAudio recording Thirumathi Amma's speech by clicking on the link to the right. She gave the speech in Tamil and Dr. Thiyagarajan translated it into English. [RealAudio 2MB, 17 min]

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