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Om Sakthi St. John's Church Reception for Amma Goddess & Guru 
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St. John's Church Reception - 9/4/00

Lansdale Sakthi Mandram and Peter Conver arranged a reception for Amma at St. John's United Church of Christ in Lansdale. This church, under both their previous pastor, Reverend John, and current Pastor, Reverend Sue, had graciously allowed Lansdale Sakthi Mandram to conduct some of their weekly mandram poojas here. In return, Dr. Thiyagarajan made it a priority that Amma should come there for a reception. Amma was invited to St. John's months before their trip here to the United States. Amma agreed and said S/he was very excited about coming to the church. In order to make it a truly unique reception, Dr. Manimekalai Thiyagarajan personally arranged for doves to be there for Amma and others to release as a symbol of peace and unity. Carl Bingler, the dove keeper, even donated an additional 12 doves free of charge for a total of over 25 because he was so impressed by Amma's mission.

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