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Lansdale Sakthi Peetam Statue & Swayambu Site - 9/18/00

The Lansdale Sakthi Mandram site has an amazing history. When the house was built in 1983 the Swami who performed the foundation ceremony did the ceremony for a temple rather than a house based on a premonition. That day, even though there was no rain in the forecast, it rained right at the conclusion of the ceremony. Amma has appeared in the form of a snake two times. Once in the prayer room where She left an image on an offering plate and once in the backyard where She appeared to one of the family members and the family dog, Kali Rani. In 1992 there was an electrical fire within one wall of the house which mysteriously only burned straight out the wall to the outside but did not burn upward as it should have. The fire investigator could offer no explanation. Later the family noticed that in the room above there is a bookshelf filled with pictures of Amma right above where the fire stopped. Many other such miracles have occurred here as well.

Lansdale Sakthi Mandram has been active for 15 years and Amma said it is now time for it to become a Sakthi Peetam. Earlier in the trip Amma told Dr. and Mrs. Thiyagarajan that S/he was going to ask the Principal of the Sculpture College at Mahabilipurum to make a statue of Adhiparasakthi and swayambu for Lansdale Sakthi Mandram to install in the backyard. S/he would come see the backyard later in the trip and show them where to install it. This was a shock to the Thiyagarajan family and they did not understand why Amma said this. They had not thought that the Lansdale Sakthi Mandram site would become a Sakthi Peetam.

When Amma returned on September 17th S/he said that they needed a swayambu because many Americans would come here to do abhishekam (each person with their own hands contacting the physical representation of Adhiparasakthi, the swayambu, by pouring milk/holy water on the swayambu) and angapradhakshanam (meditation/prayer to connect with Nature by touching the whole body to Mother Earth) and therefore they would need a swayambu for this. Amma said that Lansdale Sakthi Peetam should first go to the seashore and S/he will guide them to a stone shaped by the ocean to use for abhishekam until S/he can come and give the statue and swayambu. On the morning of September 18th, Amma's last day in the US, S/he went into the backyard of Lansdale Sakthi Mandram and told them where to prepare to install the statue and swayambu. This will be the only Om Sakthi worship place in the world which has a swayambu installed by Amma other than the Temple at Melmaruvathur.

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