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Europeans at Irumudi Amma extends cordial invitation to all North American devotees to come to Melmaruvathur and participate in the Irumudi (Tamil for bag with two sections, two knots) Pilgrimage and Thai Poosam Festival. The season of pilgrimage goes from November 2000 to February 2001, culminating in the Thai Poosam Festival on February 6th and 7th. People undertaking the pilgrimage may go the Temple any time within this period.

Amma and the devotees at Melmaruvathur are preparing to host at least 1008 guests from North America. Amma asked us to convey that they are preparing food and lodging at Melmaruvathur as well as a contact person, guide, and local tours for each person for the duration of their stay at the temple. Each person will be greeted the moment they arrive at the airport in Madras and driven to the Temple where they will have lodgings waiting for them. You will also have the opportunity for a special audience/meeting with Amma.

This is a great opportunity if you have ever thought of going to Melmaruvathur or participating in the Irumudi pilgrimage. Many Sakthis from North America are already planning to go for the pilgrimage and would be happy to accompany those who are going to the Temple for the first time. The Irumudi pilgrimage and fast can be 1, 3 or 5 days, as your schedule permits. Amma has made it very simple for all of us to be able to do this. Each person carrying the Irumudi bag should first go to a mandram pooja near their home and this sponsoring mandram will give you a necklace of red beads (malai) and the Irumudi bag to wear during the pilgrimage to Melmaruvathur. During the pilgrimage you may eat two regular meals a day and replace the third with fruit and milk. Wear red whenever possible and sleep on red sheets/quilts.

Putting PuttuBlessing the NecklacePutting Necklace
Putting PuttuBlessing Malai NecklacePutting Necklace

Important note: Amma has said that anyone with dietary/health restrictions should not fast and should not feel that their pilgrimage is less in any way.

This is the first time that such arrangements have been made for visitors to the Temple. We do not know if this will be done in the future or not so if you have any interest please take advantage of this opportunity while it exists.

If you would like to take part in Irumudi or just want more information, please email or call Dr. Thiyagarajan (Raj) at 215-362-5046 between 6:30 PM and 9:00 PM EST.

If you have any questions just contact us as per above and we will answer any questions and see that you are provided with the needed number of Malai and Irumudi bags.

10/31/00 Update

The Sakthi Malai bead necklaces and bags have arrived from India and are available for anyone going on the Irumudi pilgrimage. Under direct instructions from Amma, A.K. Venkatasamy, Treasurer of the Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Trust, just brought 504 pairs of Sakthi Malai Necklaces and bags and gave them to Lansdale Sakthi Mandram (contact info above) to distribute. Someone from Chicago is also supposed to have gone to India to get 504 pairs, for a total of 1008 available for people going for Irumudi this year.

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