On every Full and New Moon - prayer and worship of 'Amma' and distribution of 'prasad'

Social & Welfare Services
Feasts are arranged for convict-inmates along with Central Jail Authorities.
Joint prayer & worship with juvenile delinquents.
Joint prayers & worship for the welfare of the patients in all the Government Hospitals of Salem District and distribution of 'kumkum' prasad.
Free treatment for Leprosy patients.
Free Dental Camp for the needy.
Joint prayer & worship with dumb and deaf.
Adopting a village, helping with welfare work, and joint prayer and worship with village people.
Free aid camp to assist Veterinary work.
Free service in distribution of water to devotees of Arthaniswarar Temple.

More Activities and Services

Remote hill & tribal areas where there is no awareness of spirituality,  get together and talk about our Guru 'Amma' and facilitate in commencing Mandrams for them.

In terms of need and necessity, help for the conducting of marriages, social and welfare services.

Festival of 'Amma': Avatar

Devotees who had the fortune to be present at Sakthi Peetam are in 'awe' and wonder at the beautiful, decorative arrangements with flowers and serial lights and well laid out cutouts not only in Sakthi Peetam but also in around the 'Peetam' for a distance of nearly 2 kms.

Sakthi Peetam at Salem is renowned for its Divinity and there are specific instances of devotees getting cured of serious ailments, given up hope by both devotees and doctors.


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