Om Sakthi

With the blessings of our lord
Guru Bangaru Adigalar (avl), Salem District - Adhi Parasakthi

Spiritual Youth Wing and Spiritual Propaganda Wing and Weekly-worshipping Mandrams (Youth & General) and lakhs of devotees of the Salem District are carrying out these activities, services and functions for the past 15 years consistently and vowed to carry on in future also.

We do these activities and services according to our Guruji's instructions:
  1. Every month on Full Moon day at  Government Childrens Orphanage School - (strength 400 children); prayer for the welfare and distributions of special variety of food.  Service done by Youth-wing & General Mandram - Swarnapuri Salem Town.
  2. Every month on the Ammavasya day, service is done by Youth-wing and General Mandram - Ammapet, Salem Town.
  3. Since 7 years, special prayer is conducted in Jail for the reformation of prisoners (more than 1000 inmates) along with officers  After prayer special varieties of food is distributed to all.  This service is done by Youth-wing and General Mandram of the Salem district.
  4. Once in a month prayer is conducted for the children in Jail (100 juvenile inmates) and food is distributed - This service is done by the Youth and General Mandram, Hasthampatty Salem Town.
  5. Once in a month 'kungumum' prasadam is distributed to all the Government Hospitals at Taluq Centres.  Special prayer is performed for the benefit of the ailing patients for their early cure and recovery.
  6. Once in a month General Blood Camp is conducted and blood donation is given at at all taluks.
    1. Tiruchengode - Potable drinking water is supplied regularly in summer days of April to May at some special centres like Bus-stand and Bazzar places.  This service is rewarded with 'Ammas' blessings to get periodical rains.
      Then once in a year free service at Ardhanariswarar temple, one of the famous temple in the world, where lord Shiva and Parvathi appear in one and the same Idol and bless the devotees.  Here, the service is done in the form of help to perform temple's important main functions, maintain the queue, and render help in keeping the whole temple clean.
    2. PURANAGAR TALUK: Suburban Taluk Free camp is done for the welfare of ailing in peoples hospitals and supply free potable water supply.
    3. Athur taluk: Free medical camp, free water supply camp and the first Youth-wing office to be opened by our Guruji 'Amma' at Athur, Salem district.
    4. Mettur taluk: Rendering help to villages for road reforms and for free potable water supply.
    5. Nammakkal taluk: Free dental camp, road reform and free potable water supply.
    6. Paramathi talulk: Free potable water supply for the poor village people.
    7. Omalur taluk: Free potable water supply and special prayer for the benefit of deaf and dumb children.
    8. Rasipuram Taluk: (Kountapalayam) near Rasipuram. Adopting village and rendering service for the benefit of down trodden people in hill area village, namely, Bothamalai, where there is no road facility but only treking path to the village.  A viable medical camp is conducted for the benefit of the people.
    9. Attayampatty and Kumarapalayam Taluk: Free veternary medical camp is also conducted.

Our district's main motto is to help open new mandrams at each and every village with all or any of the above said services and to realize our Guruji's grace and power.

Then every year on 4th of September which is our Guru's wedding anniversary, special prayers are performed with blessings of our Guru at Melmaruvathur. Special Abishekam, grand welcome to Guruji - free food supply to the pilgrims and organising speeches describing in simple, easy manner before the devotees of our district assembled at the feet of Guruji's.

Finally, our district devotees hearty welcome and prayer and prostrating at the feet of our Guru at the time of the only great tremendous function for our lord Adikalar avl., Birthday celebrations on March 3rd of every year. The function to celebrate Birthday-Avatar of our Guru is a gift for our district. The Devotees of Salem District wholeheartedly join with our district members of the youth-wing and general mandrams and show their eagerness, willingness, sensitive thinking and took it upon themselves as grand function of their family.  This function is a gift and is a considered as the life's most important incident for the district youth-wing.  This function is the highlights of the temple at Melmaruvathur. Our Youth-wing celeberate our guru's function on March 2nd and March 3rd.  More than 5 lakhs youth participate in this function and do their service nearly for 7 days with the blessings of Guru.  We decorate our siddhar peedam temple at Melmaruvathur with numerous digital photographic figures of guruji with different kinds of antiques. Siddhar peedam looks heavenly, with sparkling lights. And special different varieties of delicious food is distributed finally culminating the function.  We prostrate at the feet of our guruji and pray for the welfare of our district and also for the welfare of all.

Ever since, our Guruji gifted this function to our district to celeberate his birthday every year, we coordinate with all the other members of all the districts for the success of this function.  This function is the life giving perennial spring to our youth-wing. The public and all the members of Spiritual youth-wing and Spritual propaganda and general mandrams do our service as one family and one unity, massively.

Beloved Gurujis feet our spiritual youth wing and spritual propaganda and general mandram