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The land for the first Om Sakthi Temple in the United States has been purchased and a foundation ceremony is being held on September 3rd, 2000 at Chester Springs, PA just west of Philadelphia. As part of this ceremony we are asking people of all faiths to contribute a blessing for the land and/or a prayer for 'World Peace' which will be read during the ceremony. You do not have to be a religious leader or anything like that. Any member of a faith who has a desire to participate in attempting to usher in a new period of peace, understanding and cooperation among all religions is welcome to send a blessing/prayer.

We sincerely want as many different faiths as possible to be involved in this event because the temple will be open to those of all religions to come and worship in peace together. This will not happen without the participation of all people from the very beginning. If you want to contribute a blessing/prayer please send it to today. If you know someone who would be interested please let them know.

Two examples of blessings for the land which have already been submitted are shown below.

"I Raven Willow Amos, representing the Pagan religions of Alaska, wish to ask the powers of balance, unity, and peace to bless and sanctify this earth under the flag of understanding and companionship. May the Powers on High watch and keep this temple forever in peace and harmony. Blessed Be."
"I, Jason Ferguson, representing Liberal Christianity, wish for a blessing to be passed onto this temple. May it always be a standing pillar and an open door. May the God of Peace protect it from hate and persecution. May all who look upon this place know that they are observing true holiness. As all religious individuals struggle for the same insight, though our paths may differ, may our goal not stray. May all of those untolerated find sanctuary here. For it is written, "blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and all of those in observance, for you are truely the children of an ultimate message."

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