November 2006 Update

In a recent meeting our Guru Bhagawan, His Holiness Bangaru Adigalar, re-affirmed the temple design for our Sakthi Peetam in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, consisting of the Moolasthanam, the Artha Mandapam, the Maha Mandapam, the Omsakthi Soolam and the applicable enclosures(for heating and cooling).We will leave enough space around the temple for expansion in the years to come. We will also have parking facilities, water/sewer systems, rest rooms, extension of electrical services and the extension of the driveway to the new parking facilities. Amma gave the blessings for the above plans and also kindly assigned Sakthi A.K.Venkatasamy,the treasurer of Siddhar Peetam,to provide assistance to us on behalf of Siddhar Peetam.

Sakthi A.K.Venkatasamy kindly visited U.S.A., consulted with our sakthi member devotees in group settings and in individual capacities and helped the executive committee of ACMEC of North America in developing time lines for the construction of the temple complex. The time lines were announced to our member devotees during our 2006 Adipooram festival which we celebrated on 3rd September,2006, in our Sakthi Peetam site in Chester Springs,PA. Also discussed were several fund raising strategies. On behalf of the finance committee Sakthi Sriram invited devotees, friends, families, corporations and sakthi mandrams to make significant contributions through their generous sponsorships of salient components of the proposed temple building.

We are soliciting the following sponsorships:

Karuvarai (moolasthanam): sponsorships for 50 thousand dollars

Pillars: each sponsorship at 30 thousand dollars

Doors: 2 for Karuvarai and 2 for the Temple: each sponsorship at 30 thousand dollars

The above sponsorships are available on a first come first serve basis. Please consider generously sponsoring items. Sakthi Sriram keeps track of the generous sponsorships and please call him on his telephone: 610-313-1841 as soon as you have decided to sponsor or if you have a question or need a clarification in this matter. Please pass this special appeal to your friends.

Please call any of the following numbers for information
Illinois: 630-778-7732 or 630-379-6565New Jersey: 609-291-0260 or 609-890-7615
New York: 718-465-6133 or 516-334-6083 or 631-940-2964Pennsylvania: 267-218-0223 or 610-313-1841
Washington D.C. Area: 301-916-7611 or 703-266-1883 Wisconsin:608-821-0928 or 608-332-6882
Connecticut area:609-577-8048California:510-791-8795 or 818-398-8896


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